A Chance I Might Be Back!

First of thank you for the people who still managed to stick by despite me not posting anything for a year and a half! I adore all of you and just thank you!

It’s just been a crazy year of a half for the world and me! College applications, actual college, dorming with a stranger, finals, failing for the first time in an exam, Trump, and other good stuff (It was sarcasm in case text doesn’t translate well with that!)

Well anyways, now that I’m a college kid, I have a little bit more free time so I might start posting again and break off hiatus. This is a huge maybe and I’m not promising anything because the last time I did I broke all of them.

I’m thinking of still doing Universal Sword God and since Plundering the Heavens and Lord Xueying already have translators, I am officially declaring them abandoned!

I’m also thinking of introducing another story since I might be bored of Universal Sword God and here are good ones I managed to find that aren’t being translated , I have a few in mind but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Should I still translate Universal Sword God?

If you don’t know Universal Sword God is an ongoing series, so even I don’t know how it ends, I just sort of get spoilers. Lately I feel the story is getting a little stale and this is worrying me because this is the author’s first story.

Now base on my experience so far, most newbies authors have spectacular beginnings and terrible endings mostly because they aren’t making any money and decide to call it quits early. This has already happen to a lot of my favorite stories. So I am thinking about dropping Universal Sword God and working on a completed project I know is good, occasionally work on Plundering the Heavens and straight up drop Universal Sword God. 

This is my first poll so and my translation is very young and lazy so I know I don’t have a lot of readers, so I will close this by July 19.


The Universal Sword God Chapter 10: The Fengying Wolf

Finally eh guys? I know it took me a whole half year to post anything but school was really busy. Also you know how I said I might have time in summer, scratch that cause I need to do college applications so I will do my best but don’t expect much, I’m also planning to get a job so yeah… Well feel free to share and comment. Love to hear what you think about the chapter and please pass my translations around!  Continue reading

Plundering the Heavens: Sneak Peek

This was a novel I found that I really want to translate but I never really have the time for it. There was another called everlasting immortal firmanent that I wanted to translate but was too late. This caused me to realize that good innovative novels are hard to come by but can be easily taken so I hoped that I can set this novel as part of my translation before other translation discover it.

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I feel like I’ve given myself and you guys this excuse too many times but I was tired. However, after a well rested week and some free time , I can finally post some chapters. I also am planning to give you a peak on some other novels I find interesting. I have some novels that I like, tell me which one you like. I know this isn’t a smart idea,but I’m still doing it.

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